Elly Schoneveld was born in the picturesque town of Zutphen, where she spent her childhood through high school. After several years living in Utrecht and Arnhem, she turned back to Zutphen. Here she took a figure drawing course at Jan Baggen. In 1999 she quit her job in the care and moved to Velp (gld), where she began to concentrate on her greatest passions: painting and sculpting.

The love of animals and in particular horses in all their simplicity and beauty, is reflected in her bronzes. Formed in black wax and molded by a reputable foundry the sculptures are unica (max. 7 expl.), each with its own character. The foals are characterized by their not yet fully grown narrow bodies and disproportionately long legs. They seem a little shaky and uncertain and looking around curiously.

Each of the adult horses has something unique. To show the specific Frisian pride and strength and Arabian ("Aethon") are distinctive elegance. The Quarter Horse ("TEQ") exudes speed and agility with his strong hindquarters and curved neck. In her oil and acrylic paintings are precisely the speed and power of (often large herds) horses, which are expressed, or cooperation with humans, such as when tightened horse.


Elly Schoneveld

Dutch Artist contemporary art / Paintings and Sculptures